Cool things happening

Well, I’ve finally managed to get a mostly firm date for my book signing. Yay! At this point, it’s December 6, 2008 at the Books a Million in Delray Beach, Florida. Time to be announced. I’ve had to keep after the managere there because, well, bookstore managers are incredibly busy. This is a good thing, in my opinion, but annoying when you are trying to get a book signing set up. The featured book will be Secrets, volume 25 although I’m hoping to have copies of my other books as well. So far, the reviews have been excellent for “Wicked Delights” including this one from RT: Each story is a light and quick, and all are filled with plenty of hot sex. Readers will have a good time since there’s something for everyone, from contemporary to paranormal.
— 4 Stars, Romantic Times BOOKreviews
Also, I received my author copy the other day. THAT was an amazing feeling!

Okay, I’m also totally bragging at this point, but the White Tigers books have gotten more kudos.

Both Men of Tokyo: Sudden Bliss and Men of Tokyo: Sudden Surrender received Recommended Read from Joyfully Reviewed!
“Sudden Surrender becomes a heart-warming and fiercely erotic love story. I enjoyed the mysticism and magic between Kiku and Yuzo, but be forewarned…e-book readers might need battery replacements, the love scenes are so hot! I was so immersed in the loves and lives of the men at the White Tiger, that I didn’t want Sudden Surrender to end. All the books in the White Tiger series can definitely be enjoyed as stand-alone reads, but I love the connection and the overall completeness of finding out the story of each man at the White Tiger hotel. Sudden Surrender is a Joyfully Recommended read!”
“The emotional journey Koji and Naoto take during Koji’s enforced one week vacation is full of sweet highlights, sexy and erotic explorations, and great m/m action.

I very much enjoyed Sudden Bliss, and the romance and seduction between Koji and Naoto was perfect and beautiful. Have you ever had a lover refer to your lips as “cherry blossom petals, only a million times better”? Sudden Bliss is the first book in the White Tiger series, and is definitely enjoyable on its own, but I am looking forward to reading more about the comings and goings of the men at the White Tiger!”

But Like I say each time, the reason these particular reviews are so happy for me is because I’ve poured my heart and soul into this series to a depth I’d not experienced before. Not that I don’t give everything I have to each story, it’s just different. I don’t know how to describe it. If you’ve ever read Mary Renaud’s books (Fire from Heaven and The Persian Boy among her other historicals about ancient Greece, Rome, Alexander the Great, etc.), you’ll see if you read her first romances when she first began and then these historicals after she’d travelled to Greece and found her writing voice, the inspiration levels are just so different. That’s the best I can find to describe this experience and I’m thrilled that it comes through to readers. Of course, I’m grateful as all get out that there are people out there who read my books and enjoy them.


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