love this cover!! (and other stuff)

Lyn Taylor has done it again with Danny’s Dragon (coming January 2009 to Total-E-Bound)! This cover is precisely what I envisioned. It’s absolutely perfect. Makes me want to read the book, lol.

In other tidbits, I received my author copy of Secrets, vol. 25! This is so exciting I can’t tell you. I can’t wait to walk into Books-A-Million or Barnes and Noble and pick one up off the shelf. So help me, if there’s someone in the aisle, I don’t know if I’ll be able to prevent myself from turning around, pointing to the book cover and saying, this is me. I wrote this!

I’m also closing in on the end of Men of Tokyo: Sudden Heat. My beta-reader told me this morning that Quan Chan is her favourite character of mine. I’d have to say he’s become one of my favourites as well. Like I’ve been saying, it took me a while to connect with him but now that I have, wow! He’s delicious and sweet and just an overall beautiful human being. (If I may say so myself, lol)


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