Life on Mars

If you haven’t watched this BBC series, I completely recommend it. There’s been a version made recently in the US and I saw the first episode but continued with the BBC version which takes place in Manchester.

I have to say it’s really the best TV show I’ve ever seen (just my personal feeling, lol). Basically, the premise is that Sam Tyler (the guy in the top photo) is a cop in present day who has a car accident and wakes up in 1973. He’s still on the force and is faced with a superior, (Gene Hunt, the gov, in the other photo- who’s the best character in the show and one of the best created for TV) who beats up suspects to get answers and doesn’t do anything by the book which makes them clash constantly although they respect and trust each other.

Each crime they solve is somehow related to Sam’s situation and throughout the show he can sometimes hear the life support machine his body is on while his consciousness is in 1973 trying to figure out how to get back. It’s really intelligent, funny, creative and well done. There were only two seasons made of it and I’m on the last episode of the second season in which we find out the answers to the whole thing. I’m sorry to see it ending. I enjoy watching certain shows but never so much as this one. The other thing I’ve enjoyed is hearing the old David Bowie tracks they play, like “Life on Mars,” “Starman,” and “Jean Genie”. I was a MAJOR David Bowie fan back in high school – that was in the mid-80s when he made his comeback but I listened to his older stuff as well.

But, yes, in between, I’m hard at work on Men of Tokyo: Sudden Heat. I’d say I have really just a couple more scenes to write and then it’s ready for a go-through before sending to my editor at Total-E-Bound. I forgot to mention in the last post that one of the things that has also made the story flow better is that I finally clicked with Quan Chan. It took longer with him for some reason. He was a character whose depth took longer to reach. Don’t get me wrong, he’s hot and sexy, but he’s…unusual and quieter than all the other characters. He didn’t just jump out at me. I had to go to him, rather than he come to me the way Kiku, Yuzo and all the others did, with their more outwardly dynamic personalities.


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