Finally the flow

I am so grateful! The difficulties I’ve been having writing seem to passing. I don’t want to give myself a kena hura (Yiddish for the evil eye) but the areas in which I was stuck in the story are unplugging and I’ve managed to get my daily quota of writing done for the last couple of days. I do pray this nice trend continues.

Reading that mystery by Qiu Xiaolong really helped. He has a wonderful voice and it resonated inside me. I love when that happens. The other helpful aspect is that his books take place in modern-day Shanghai and much of Sudden Heat takes place there. It’s very helpful to set the surroundings in my mind since I’ve never been there. Okay, Gackt has nothing directly relevant to this post other than I love looking at him.

Oh, well I can say that he has an album coming out I think in December of this year and I can’t wait. Other than that, I will reveal that I wrote him a fan letter recently and I’ve been feeling like a heel because I don’t want him to think I’m wacky.


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