Finally the flow

I am so grateful! The difficulties I’ve been having writing seem to passing. I don’t want to give myself a kena hura (Yiddish for the evil eye) but the areas in which I was stuck in the story are unplugging and I’ve managed to get my daily quota of writing done for the last couple of days. I do pray this nice trend continues.

Reading that mystery by Qiu Xiaolong really helped. He has a wonderful voice and it resonated inside me. I love when that happens. The other helpful aspect is that his books take place in modern-day Shanghai and much of Sudden Heat takes place there. It’s very helpful to set the surroundings in my mind since I’ve never been there. Okay, Gackt has nothing directly relevant to this post other than I love looking at him.

Oh, well I can say that he has an album coming out I think in December of this year and I can’t wait. Other than that, I will reveal that I wrote him a fan letter recently and I’ve been feeling like a heel because I don’t want him to think I’m wacky.

Catching up

Walking around in Savannah last Saturday, there were dogs everywhere dressed in costumes. It was so adorable! Turns out it was “Wag-o-ween” where people bring their dogs in costumnes and trick or treat around Savannah. Really cute!

Sorry I haven’t posted in so long but as usual, it’s been difficult to get Internet while I’m in Georgia. I do have a Blackberry but for some reason, I couldn’t log in to my blof in order to update. I’ll have to figure it out.

I did manage to get writing done even though I was busy painting a fence and doing all kinds of domestic things. A lot of the writing process lately has been internal – figuring out the story arcs and internal conflicts of the characters. They’re much more complex in Sudden Heat than in the others, as I’ve said I’m dealing with issues of life and death and that causes me to dig deeper even than in the others of the series. But I’ve finally got the rest of the storyline in place with just a couple of spots that I need to sort out internally and then I can write to the end. I must say, it’s never been quite the struggle in the past as it’s been with this novel. I suppose all I can say about it is that in the end, it will be really good!

I’ve also found a writer whose work has a good influence on my writing. His name is Qui Xaolong, a writer originally from Shanghai who now lives in the US. Currently I’m reading one of his Inspector Chen murder mystery series, Red Mandarin Dress Inspector Chen is a remarkable character, very sympathetic and a man who really loves and respects women, so he’s a winner! I’m really looking forward to reading the other books in the series. Just a warning: there are some grisly scenes with murder victims and descriptions of meals prepared while the little critter is still alive. Not for someone who will get upset by these images.

Anyway, as always, thanks for visiting my blog and I’ll write again soon!

Wrote the sex!

LOL. Bet that heading got your attention! I was jubilant to have written those scenes in A Werewolf for Christmas that I’d been so worried about. I worrie dand worried and prayed for the words to come and they did. Truthfully, I was pleased with what flowed out and I hope the editors at EC are pleased also. I wrote a bubble comment in the text to my editor to the effect that the scene I was working on was doing it for me so hopefully, it would do the same for the reader.

Other than that, I’m just enjoying Georgia. It’s nice to have some quieter days after the chaos of the last couple months and this difficult year. I tell you, I no longer take any peace and quiet for granted and I don’t ask for excitement. Life provides plenty of it and sometimes, it’s not the kind of excitement you want.

Thankfully, my inspiration has returned and the rest of Men of Tokyo: Sudden Heat has come to mind and is ready to be written to the end. I had a wonderful beta-reader whom I will reveal later, an awesome erotic romance author who loved what I’d written so far and her encouragement really helped enormously. I’m incredibly grateful to her.

That’s all for now. I’ll update again as soon as I can. Hugs, Sedonia

Currently reading:

Crooked Cucumber: the Life and Zen Teachings of Shunryu Suzuki
Watching: Life on Mars the British version. Incredible show!
True Blood – sexy vampire series on HBO
Waiting for: Gackt’s new album. I had a dream about it last night that it was incredible. I could see the cover in my mind and everything, lol

I think it’s coming back…

For the first time in what feels like so long, I sat down and did a day’s work on Sudden Heat. I’m not sure what did it, but I suspect it is partially because I’ve been reading through the manuscript and got a “bigger picture” view of the story. Several of the scenes turned out much better than I thought they had and I was really pleased and moved when I read them. The ones I’m not as happy with are still pretty clean but just need some tweaking and extra refinement.

In any case, it’s REALLY good to feel the creative flow start to move again!

Make copies of your work!

Today, I had that moment every writer dreads. As you know, I’ve been reading through Men of Tokyo: Sudden Heat and I noticed today that an entire scene was missing. I looked through what I’d printed out- no scene. I scrolled through the manuscript on the computer – no scene. OMG! I had accidentally deleted it when cutting and pasting!! :blush:

Needless to say, I freaked out. Had you been in my house, you would have seen me sobbing over my computer, searching the Help function for the way to recover lost text in a document, all to no avail. But then, I remembered that over the last couple of months, I’d sent a copy of the manuscript to my Yahoo address to store it online in case, God forbid, my computer crashed or the document got lost, any kind of bad thing like that. THANKFULLY I found a draft that contained the missing scene and was able to pull it out and insert it into the current draft I’m editing. I was sooooo happy! The missing portion was about ten typed pages. Doesn’t sound like much, but as an author, I know firsthand how much work went into those ten pages.

The lesson in all this? If you’re a writer, make copies and store them in various places at various stages of writing the book. Even if you’re not a writer per se but you’re working on a paper for school or something equally important, it’s a really good idea to do this. That way, if you lose a piece of it or the whole thing, you’ll be able to get it back. I felt much more fortunate than Ernest Hemingway who once lost his complete body of work by leaving his briefcase on a train and never could get the pages back. They were gone. I can’t even imagine how he felt in the first hour of realizing what had happened to him. Suposedly, his loss ended up being positive and giving him an opportunity to write a whole bunch of new stuff in which he really found his voice and became the famous writer he is in literary history. But me? I would hope that I’d benefit from such a loss. However, I really love the scene that had gotten cut and am thrilled it will end up in the story.

Don’t forget: Make extra copies of your work and store it in a bunch of places, including printing out hard copy. I learned my lesson today!! :grin:

Waiting for my mojo to come back

This picture by an artist called artur is a great depiction of how I’ve been feeling lately.

It’s been probably close to ten days that I’ve been having this lack of inspiration thing going on. I’m not used to having my muse take this long a break! Each day I make some progress on my…oh, what’s that word, see how my brain is working? REVISIONS! that’s it. Each day I do work on the revisions for Sudden Heat and feel it’s a good story. Like I’ve been saying. Hiru is incredibly sexy, a character I’ve gotten to like the most, so I’m just guessing that it’s because I feel troubled in other areas of life that the energy isn’t available to be right now.

Anyway, I really think the artist who did this print is incredibly talented. I looked at the other pictures in his gallery and he is good!

Temporary lack of inspiration

I go through these thankfully short phases every so often. Sometimes it’s because there are difficulties in other areas of my life that take away from my creative energy. When this happens, all I can do is go back and edit what’s already been written while the creative juices were flowing.

That’s what I’m doing right now with Men of Tokyo: Sudden Heat. I’m at just about 52k words which is more than three-quarters finished and have pretty much ground to a halt for the moment as far as writing the end. The story arc has almost reached its highest point and from there, it’s not made itself clear in my mind how it all resolves. Of course, the major resolution is a happy ever after, but not the chain of events that leads to it. There is a great deal of complexity in all the characters involved in the conflict and takes more mental juices than I have at my disposal.

I can say, however, that Hiru has turned out to be, for me, one of the sexiest men in the stories I’ve written. He too, is emotionally complex and so sweet and good-hearted, all of that together, put into his brawny physique, is just a delicious combination! So even though the story isn’t flowing at the moment, I am able to spend nice moments thinking about his character. lol.

I’m not disheartened. As a writer, I’ve been going through this dip in creative energy on and off for the last five years and so have learned that it ebbs and flows when it’s meant to. I have faith. In the meantime, I will just enjoy reading over what I’ve done so far and making it better. This I do have inspiration for because I’ve been reading people’s lovely comments on the White Tigers fanlist. If anything, I’ll get to the end of this work-in-progress so as not to let those people down.

I’m interviewed at Yaoi and Yuri

The lovely erotic romance writer, Silapa Jarun, has interviewed me over at one of her special sites, Yaoi and Yuri. If you enjoy m/m erotic romance focusing on samurai, Silapa Jarun is the author to check out. Her most recent release is Katana Duet available at Bookstrand, Amazon and Fictionwise.

The link to my interview is on her blog, so I hope you’ll read my interview then go on to learn more about Silapa.

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