Praying for the people of New Orleans

Even though we in South Florida haven’t been free of these storms’ paths, the worry now is really for New Orleans. After what the folks down there have been through, some having just moved this past month into their new homes, this is the last thing in the world they need. I pray that everyone will get out safely and that New Orleans itself will survive this storm.

Last night on the news we saw footage of a family who is determined to sit it out and they are in an area this is expected to be the hardest hit in the entire New Orleans area. I can’t believe it! I just hope every one there will be all right!


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One thought on “Praying for the people of New Orleans

  1. I concur.

    Did you also notice Florida is in the dreaded cone of uncertainty for the now Hurricane Hanna? It seems neverending this year.

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