Back in Florida and some cool reviews!

Got back to Florida tonight where I have as much Internet access I need. I really was falling behind there for a while. However, that inconvenience aside and the emergency room trip for my man’s back injury, and the septic tank backup which worked out- our tiny cottage has the septic capabilities of a small hotel now, Georgia is really an incredible place! Where we are, Forrest Gump country – yes, a shrimp boat docks right near our house with fresh shrimp every day, the people are so warm and kind and they have that genteel, rolling southern accent and they really do refer to their father as “daddy” and call each other bubba and are truly hospitable. Also, Savannah has to be one of the most beautiful cities in the entire world, no kidding.

The live oaks and the marshes are intoxicatingly beautiful (and a bit intoxicating too- I developed some kind of weird swamp cough that went away as soon as I got back to Florida, lol). And I had my first encounter with a black widow spider on our front porch. I didn’t kill it. I love spiders, even the poisonous ones, so I trapped her and put her outside. We have deer all over the place and armadillos and possums. Every kind of bird imaginable…I could go on and on. I look forward to getting back.

I am happy, however, to be back in communication with the writing world. I received a bunch of sweet comments on the White Tigers fanlist and a cool one on my guest list. I also got my first Recommended Read from Fallen Angel Reviews for Men of Tokyo: Sudden Surrender. Yay! Here’s a snippet from the review:
Ms. Guillone has continued her incredible White Tiger series with this spell binding book, one that kept me on the edge of my seat from the first page. I enjoy reading about the spiritual ways of the White Tiger and how they affect the lives of the men who embrace its calling. Yuzo and Kiku build a very intense and loving relationship that is enhanced by their spiritual bonding. The men of the White Tiger each have unique stories and add their individual personalities to the plot line. Each book in the White Tiger series gives the reader more of a glimpse into the members past lives and what brought them to where they are today. I will definitely be waiting for the next book in the White Tiger series. Thanks go to Ms. Guillone for another incredible read.

I also got an awesome review for “Enter the Hero” which will appear in Red Sage Secrets, vol 25.
at Cocktail Reviews. The reviewer said:
I love Sedonia Guillone’s stories and this is the first m/f work of hers I’ve read that didn’t feature the Dragon/Tigress concept. It does feature a very hot Asian hero though, and I loved both Kass and Lian. They’re strong, sympathetic characters who complement each other perfectly. I’m not one for futuristic stories but this was great, romantic and sexy and full of action. 5 Flutes.

Aside from that, I’m just getting settled and hope to finish writing Men of Tokyo: Sudden Heat in these coming weeks. I’m about three quarters finished and am happy with the story. I’m not trying to be immodest, it’s just that I’ve grown to love the characters so much and I know that when that happens, we’ve clicked and I’ve gotten down the substance of the romance that I was aiming for. I’ll post another snippet soon.

Oh, one more thing before I go for the night. Later this year when the Secrets volume is out, I’ll be doing my first booksigning! At least, the manager of Books a Million in Delray Beach said that he’s putting a signing together. So I hope that anyone who’s in that area can come and I’ll certainly be annoucning the details when I have them. Talk again soon. Sedonia

Where I’ve been till now…

I haven’t been able to post lately because I’ve been in our little place in Georgia (Foorest Gump was filmed a few miles away!) and I don’t have Internet access at home. I was supposed to be back in Florida weeks ago but the septic tank in our new place backed up into the house last Saturday, then on Monday, my boyfriend injured his back and we were at the hospital in Savannah.

Now we have a new drain field at our house and Mitch is on the mend but it’s been one thing after the other. Remember what I’ve been saying about the Year of the Rat? It’s got a hold of me for a while longer I think. Just hanging on…

I’ll post again as soon as I can! Thanks for your support.

Sincerely, Sedonia

Fuurin Kazan

I just started watching thiz show on and I’m already hooked! It’s a true historical about a ronin, Kansuke Yamamoto who rises to power in feudal Japan as a master battle strategist. It has everything: samurai, sword fights, romance and the usual Greek style family dynamics. Oh, and it also has Gackt as Uesugi Kanshin, a warlord. He hasn’t appeeared yet – that comes much later, but I’m really looking forward to it!

Fuurin Kazan also stars one of Japan’s greatest actors, Tatsuya Nakadai. He was one of Akira Kurosawa’s stars who often played across from Toshiro Mifune as a rival samurai.

Anyway, the series is beautifully done and acted with a neat opening sequence. I highly recommend it to fans of samurai film and history.

Just writing…

In between driving a loaded cargo van 400 miles (believe me, for me, this was a major accomplishemnt!) and moving, I’ve managed to work on Men of Tokyo: Sudden Heat. I’ve gotten to 41k and a few more words, which I’m really glad for.
Recently I reached that place in a story where the whole plot becomes clear in my mind, like the home stretch of a race, and I can basically just write it out. I’ve grown to love this story a great deal. Hiru is a wonderful character, a gentle giant, sweet and kind but also unexpectedly hot and passionate!
I gotta run now and unpack the van. I’ll update again as soon as I’m able.

Praise for my cover artists

Yesterday I was doing something to work on my website and scrolled down each page. Suddenly it struck me (not that it’s never happened before) that I’m really lucky with the cover artists who’ve done a bunch of my covers. Les Byerley, a Philadelphia based photographer, does all my covers at Ellora’s Cave.

ManwichTwo Captains

I feel he does an absolutely incredible job each time of capturing the feeling I want for each cover. He really is very talented! My favorite one of his is this one for A Man for Michael (even though the cover for Manwich is fabulous!).

A Man for MichaelSudden Surrender

The other covers I’m enamored of are my White Tiger covers. (But you probably would have already guessed that, lol), the MOST incredible one being the most recent, not only because the men on the cover are really good fits for the characters, but because Lyn Taylor, who did this one, worked her tush off getting the tattoos just right! Anne Cain did the other two.

Ann set the stage for the theme of the White Tiger covers. She too, did an awesome job with the tattoos for Ryu, who, by the way, is a young blond Russian man in real life!

Tongue ThaidSudden Bliss

Here, on the Sudden Bliss cover, Naoto in the background, is two men spliced together because although his face fit the character well enough, his body was skinny whereas Naoto is brawny. Who knew how much cutting and pasting goes into these covers to get them just right? Well, the results are worth it. Covers we love to look at and which give us a feeling for the story inside.

More storms…

If we’re lucky, this one won’t nail us in the way it appears that it will. Even so, we’re heading to Georgia to our new place, which has a chance of getting nailed as well. I’ll keep you posted.

Hopefully in the midst of all this, I’ll get a chance to work on Men of Tokyo: Sudden Heat. At this point in life, writing is like a vacation from life, lol, and I get to create a world where things work out the way I want them to. Well, that and the fact that Hiru and Quan Chan are both incredibly hot, wonderful heroes and it’s a great pleasure to tell their story.

Thank you to everyone who comes to this blog and visits. I really appreciate the interest and support! Hugs, Sedonia

argh! Trying to see a friend

Well, thankfully, Gustav passed and left New Orleans mostly alone. I wish all disasters could just not happen this way to people! I’m grateful for this turn of fate.

However, as you know, we just have control over so very little! I have a girlfriend from college I want to see. She’s only a few hours away right now in Orlando visiting family. We haven’t seen each other in 15 years and were best friends. We did everything together, roomed, took all our classes together, meals, spent almost 100 percent of our time together. But between her getting a cold, my getting a cold, our purchasing a house near Savannah, GA, (which ALSO looks like it’s going to be in the path of a storm!), and my stepdaughter leaving for India today amongst all the chaos that goes with that, I’m not sure I’m going to see her. I sure hope I do, but of course, circumstances look like they’re working against me.

I guess all I can hope for is that the Year of the Rat gives me one of my favorable months right this week! lol.

On the positive note, our Secrets anthology coming out December 08 (yay! Will be on shelves everywhere!!) is already racking up favorable reviews!

This from Wild on Books: It is no secret that Red Sage Publishing consistently nabs some very talented romance authors for their popular series of SECRETS anthologies. SECRETS VOLUME 25 continues that trend admirably, with four wonderful novellas by some great writers.

Praying for the people of New Orleans

Even though we in South Florida haven’t been free of these storms’ paths, the worry now is really for New Orleans. After what the folks down there have been through, some having just moved this past month into their new homes, this is the last thing in the world they need. I pray that everyone will get out safely and that New Orleans itself will survive this storm.

Last night on the news we saw footage of a family who is determined to sit it out and they are in an area this is expected to be the hardest hit in the entire New Orleans area. I can’t believe it! I just hope every one there will be all right!