Wow, what a review!!

I was honored to receive this incredibly favorable review form Sensual Ecataromance. It’s the kind of review every author wants to get!

Genre: contemporary
Page Count: 197
Price: $6.58
Reviewer: Keely Skillman
Sensuality Rating: Sizzling
Star Rating: 5 Stars

A deranged villain, a determined and gentle hero, and a uke in distress make for one whopper of a deliciously yummy man love story that will bring tears to your eyes.

Yuzo Kitano has been Taro Suzuki’s plaything for far too long. Despite all the hard living he has done, Yuzo has remained sweet and even innocent to a degree. Desperate to break free and leave the abusive Suzuki, Yuzo makes a daring escape and goes to the one place where he knows no one will give him back to Suzuki: the White Tiger and its owner, Kikuchiya Fujimara. Yuzo has admired, perhaps even loved, and longed for Kiku for quite some time. He knows that he cannot stay at the White Tiger because of the danger into which his presence puts all the kind souls living there. A few precious days spent with Kiku will have to be enough for a lifetime.

Kikuchiya Fujimara was once a yakuza with the Suzuki-gumi. He left that life to lead the men at the White Tiger by example in the White Tiger path. His psychic abilities make getting close enough for a real relationship and finding a true White Tiger path partner more than a bit difficult. Touching Yuzo does not fill his head with the types of gut wrenching visions touching others gives Kiku. Can he find a way to protect Yuzo AND keep him near or is Kiku destined to lose yet another that he could love?

Sedonia Guillone delivers yet another masterpiece with Men of Tokyo: Sudden Surrender. Prepare to cry, laugh and get furious right along with all the characters; I know that I did. Though, you might want to get a VERY large pitcher of something very icy to keep your core temperature somewhere around normal enough to avoid spontaneous combustion. Yeah, the love scenes really are THAT hot. I did not even notice the passage of time while immersed in Sudden Surrender because it flows so effortlessly from page to page and completely grabs my attention.

Ms. Guillone does such a beautiful job of bringing all her characters to life that I find myself wanting to go kick some villain posterior every time Suzuki appears in the book and then cuddle and sooth Yuzo and Kiku. Kiku is so gentle and kind while being tough and protective that I cannot help but love him within just a couple of pages. Yuzo is such a sweet, resilient darling that I just want to gobble him up! Ms. Guillone has such a fantastic way of bringing Tokyo’s streets and the White Tiger alive that I feel like I am actually there. Let me not forget the myriad supporting characters; they bring a wonderful depth and realism to the story that just makes me want to move into the White Tiger despite all the yakuza buzzing about it. I could gush for pages and pages; but, really, you should just go get it yourself. Then we can gush together!

Just a word to the wise: If you are offended by men kissing men and more detailed man on man action, please do us all the favor of leaving this book on the virtual shelf. The rest of us promise not to point and laugh as we will be too busy devouring this offering.


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