Beautiful words

Being someone who loves to study languages, I’ve come across these words in Japanese that are so beautiful, really because they are one word to express a concept or feeling. They both bring a sense of poetry to life in speaking.

komorebi – I found this translation on a site that translates lyrics of Gackt’s songs. This one is the first word of my favorite song of his, Leeca. The translation is as such: Komorebi is another one of my favorite words that fits in the “cannot be translated into English” category. This is the Japanese word for rays of sunlight falling through dense leaves to touch the ground. This one word paints such a precise and beautiful picture, I almost wish we did have something comparable in English.

The other beautiful word is shosoku. This word I read in a talk given by Zen master Suzuki Roshi, called “Letters from Emptiness.” He explains shosoku as “the feeling you have when you receive a letter from home. Even without an actual picture, you know something about your home, what people are doing there, what flowers are blooming.” It’s a beautiful description and one every human being can relate to. Of course, Suzuki Roshi used it to describe to his listeners a way in which their minds can perceive hints of enlightenment even though such a big concept cannot be directly understood by the intellect.

That said, this video is a live performance of Leeca, which to me, is an incredibly pretty song. This live version is not as delicate and graceful as the studio version, in my humble opinion, but is still beautiful and heartfelt.


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