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Although the cover doesn’t show it, my story in this anthology is part of the White Tigers series. For those of you who hopefully have read the other books, you’re familiar with Basho and Timothy. Their story, entitled Yin Yang is in this book.

Just to toot my own horn, :grin: I received this praise for the story last night:
I finished you story! lol. I couldn’t wait to read anything before it. I’m going back to read the others now. But I just wanted you to know how much I loved it. Those two were just so incredibly… well… sweet. I was in tears when Basho was telling Ryu his story… and just how lonely he was… It was so sad… made it all that much better when they got back together. I thoroughly loved it!

Here’s a blurb and excerpt. I hope you like it. Sedonia

Fifteen years ago, Timothy Rush’s lover and soul mate, Basho Sakai, was murdered on a trip to Tokyo with his family. Timothy never stopped pining for the man who was his first and only love, comparing anyone else who came after him to Basho, the sensitive and handsome poet who stole his heart. Finally, still mourning and hopeless, Timothy travels from London to Tokyo to say a final good-bye. While there, he hopes to find some pleasure and some spiritual peace at the White Tiger, a gay men’s hotel in Tokyo that also offers the Taoist sexual path of the White Tiger. However, once there Timothy finds more than pleasure: he learns the true tragic story of what happened to his lover. And then…finds the missing half of his soul.

Basho lay on his futon in the dark, thinking of the first time Timothy had ever sucked his dragon. Golden-haired, blue-eyed Timothy, his velvety pink lips pouty and soft. The way they’d slid up and down his hard shaft. Perfection. Beauty. Before all the horrible shit had happened.

His hand went to his erection and stroked, base to head, following the memory of warm moist heat engulfing his cock, the press of Timothy’s large hands into his hips, anchoring him against the bobbing of his blond head…

Timothy had been the daring one, the first one to break the silence between them. They’d been mates since childhood, but that other part…the sexual desire, the raw need that simmered between them since their bodies had become men’s bodies…had been a forbidden topic. Until that night. Until Timothy cornered him in the alley behind the sushi restaurant Basho’s parents owned.

Basho was emptying the garbage and had just thrown some scraps to the alley cats after closing when he heard footsteps. At first he’d tensed, not knowing who it could be. His father had once gotten involved with some really bad people back in Tokyo and had made the asshole mistake of informing on them. Basho lived in fear they’d follow his family from Tokyo to London.

“Hey you.”

He’d breathed deep relief at Timothy’s voice and turned. A single bulb above the back door of the restaurant lit the alley way, made Timothy’s shaggy hair look like an angel’s halo. But when Timothy came up to him, the look in his eyes was not of an angel. The dark hungry glitter in them made Basho’s heart speed up.

“Hey yourself,” he muttered. “What’s going on?”

Tim drew closer. Close enough that his spicy aftershave invaded Basho’s senses, made him slightly dizzy. His body responded to Timothy’s muscular frame, outlined in his tight t-shirt, the way it always did, with heated blood and tightening deep in his balls, a sensual contraction which spread rapidly up his cock, making it push against his trousers.

“I’ve something to tell you, mate,” Timothy said softly. “I can’t wait any longer.” He took another step, bringing him nearly up against Basho’s chest. Leaning in, he pressed Basho back against the wall, face so close to Basho’s, Timothy’s breath fanned over his lips.

Basho’s mind swirled. His vision blurred and…kuso…the brush of Timothy’s chest against his made his nipples tighten, even through both their layers of clothing. The warm summer evening got much hotter. “What is it? Tell me.”

Timothy chuckled, but Basho heard the nervousness. They were both nearly twenty and he’d known the bloke for eleven years, knew just how Timothy was feeling from just one sound. And he knew well what Tim’s laugh sounded like when he was nervous. There were only a few sounds he’d not yet heard Timothy make…

Tim’s large hands cupped his shoulders, pressed him more snugly to the wall. “You’re daft, aren’t ya, Bosh?” He remained hovering close, lips a mere few centimetres away.

“I…I guess so.”

“Well, I already told you.” Tim’s posh accent rolled through Basho’s mind and trilled through his body like hundreds of tiny fingers massaging him. “I can’t wait any longer.”

Basho blinked. The words carried through the fog of his mind. All the blood had rushed down to his cock…he couldn’t…think. “That’s what you wanted to—“

Tim’s lips crushing on his ended the sentence. At first Basho had jumped, as if given an electric current, but Tim’s taller, broader form pressed him back, pinned him in surrender. The tip of the other man’s tongue pushed open his lips, demanded to go deep inside.

Basho parted his lips, accepting the velvety moist heat. He’d never kissed anyone before, man or woman and this was fucking incredible. Better than any saké or food.

Tim slid his tongue along Basho’s, danced against it while his body rubbed Basho’s in a slow heated rhythm. Tim’s cock was hard, like steel, against his. Even through their trousers, each grind sent licks of heat through Basho’s whole lower body. Blindly he reached around with both hands and grabbed Tim’s ass cheeks, pulling him as close as he could possible get. If he could have pulled Tim deep inside him forever he would have, to keep this incredible feeling, so it would never end.

Back on his futon, the memory took over and Basho could no longer tell the difference between the reality and his thoughts. His hand became Tim’s mouth, after Tim had pulled away from their kiss and yanked open Basho’s trousers.

“I’m gonna make you feel so good, Bosh,” he’d breathed and dropped to his knees. In the next second, Tim’s mouth had invaded his cock, pulled the plump head in with hot suction.

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