Who would have thought?

My artist needed an image from me of Taro Suzuki, the bad guy in my White Tigers series. Well, I found him and he couldn’t be a more perfect likeness.
However, along with the photo, came an article of something you wouldn’t think of is happening.

Here’s a snippet:

Homeless yakuza terrorize Tokyo parks
…Japanese who associate the yakuza with wealth, even if it is the result of ill-gotten gains, the idea of a gangster living on the streets is close to unthinkable. But the number of homeless yakuza inhabiting parks and living under bridges is apparently skyrocketing, especially in central Tokyo….”There are two tent villages in the park where I live, each of which is controlled by a different homeless yakuza…When it comes to the flower-viewing season (in early spring), they have these huge battles over who’s going to have the right to get paid by people to save a space for their company parties. The brawls they have are like the fight scenes in the old yakuza movies.”…


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