Great Reviews for Manwich!

A positive review is always a nice little pick-me-up. This one is from Romance Junkies. 4.5 Blue Ribbons out of 5! Yay!

Sedonia Guillone’s MANWICH is a heart-touching tale about three people who have been hurt in the past and lack self confidence. They each fulfill a need within each other that goes far beyond just sexual gratification. The love and trust between Kayla, Shawn, and Ryan can easily be felt, making their relationship beautiful while encompassing many of the fantasies the readers may have about threesomes. Ms. Guillone does an amazing job bringing out the emotional aspect of her characters. Situations that could have been strictly sexual, become emotionally stimulating and will leave readers sighing. If you enjoyed Ms. Guillone’s LADY OF TWO LAIRDS, you’ll love this story as well.

AND – 5 Angels from Fallen Angel Reviews!

Holy scorching hotness! The passion on these pages fairly leaps around in the air and if you think the sex between Shawn and Kayla is steamy, just wait – it gets even better. It’s great to see an author create characters that readers can identify with and relate to, and Sedona Guillone has done just that in Manwich; her characters are authentic and fully fleshed out without being overdone or trite. The dilemma facing Kayla is to break out of the shell she’s made of her life and try something new, something wild, and she certainly achieves her goal. I’m not going to spoil these delectable surprises; you’ll just have to read all about it for yourself. I assure you that you’ll feel rewarded at the poignance and healing that this oftentimes surprising and funny plot puts forth, even as you’re aroused beyond imagining at the sultry scenes. Manwich is a delightful feast for the senses, and you’ll truly love this too-hot-to-handle tale!


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