Wow, what a review!!

I was honored to receive this incredibly favorable review form Sensual Ecataromance. It’s the kind of review every author wants to get!

Genre: contemporary
Page Count: 197
Price: $6.58
Reviewer: Keely Skillman
Sensuality Rating: Sizzling
Star Rating: 5 Stars

A deranged villain, a determined and gentle hero, and a uke in distress make for one whopper of a deliciously yummy man love story that will bring tears to your eyes.

Yuzo Kitano has been Taro Suzuki’s plaything for far too long. Despite all the hard living he has done, Yuzo has remained sweet and even innocent to a degree. Desperate to break free and leave the abusive Suzuki, Yuzo makes a daring escape and goes to the one place where he knows no one will give him back to Suzuki: the White Tiger and its owner, Kikuchiya Fujimara. Yuzo has admired, perhaps even loved, and longed for Kiku for quite some time. He knows that he cannot stay at the White Tiger because of the danger into which his presence puts all the kind souls living there. A few precious days spent with Kiku will have to be enough for a lifetime.

Kikuchiya Fujimara was once a yakuza with the Suzuki-gumi. He left that life to lead the men at the White Tiger by example in the White Tiger path. His psychic abilities make getting close enough for a real relationship and finding a true White Tiger path partner more than a bit difficult. Touching Yuzo does not fill his head with the types of gut wrenching visions touching others gives Kiku. Can he find a way to protect Yuzo AND keep him near or is Kiku destined to lose yet another that he could love?

Sedonia Guillone delivers yet another masterpiece with Men of Tokyo: Sudden Surrender. Prepare to cry, laugh and get furious right along with all the characters; I know that I did. Though, you might want to get a VERY large pitcher of something very icy to keep your core temperature somewhere around normal enough to avoid spontaneous combustion. Yeah, the love scenes really are THAT hot. I did not even notice the passage of time while immersed in Sudden Surrender because it flows so effortlessly from page to page and completely grabs my attention.

Ms. Guillone does such a beautiful job of bringing all her characters to life that I find myself wanting to go kick some villain posterior every time Suzuki appears in the book and then cuddle and sooth Yuzo and Kiku. Kiku is so gentle and kind while being tough and protective that I cannot help but love him within just a couple of pages. Yuzo is such a sweet, resilient darling that I just want to gobble him up! Ms. Guillone has such a fantastic way of bringing Tokyo’s streets and the White Tiger alive that I feel like I am actually there. Let me not forget the myriad supporting characters; they bring a wonderful depth and realism to the story that just makes me want to move into the White Tiger despite all the yakuza buzzing about it. I could gush for pages and pages; but, really, you should just go get it yourself. Then we can gush together!

Just a word to the wise: If you are offended by men kissing men and more detailed man on man action, please do us all the favor of leaving this book on the virtual shelf. The rest of us promise not to point and laugh as we will be too busy devouring this offering.

Beautiful words

Being someone who loves to study languages, I’ve come across these words in Japanese that are so beautiful, really because they are one word to express a concept or feeling. They both bring a sense of poetry to life in speaking.

komorebi – I found this translation on a site that translates lyrics of Gackt’s songs. This one is the first word of my favorite song of his, Leeca. The translation is as such: Komorebi is another one of my favorite words that fits in the “cannot be translated into English” category. This is the Japanese word for rays of sunlight falling through dense leaves to touch the ground. This one word paints such a precise and beautiful picture, I almost wish we did have something comparable in English.

The other beautiful word is shosoku. This word I read in a talk given by Zen master Suzuki Roshi, called “Letters from Emptiness.” He explains shosoku as “the feeling you have when you receive a letter from home. Even without an actual picture, you know something about your home, what people are doing there, what flowers are blooming.” It’s a beautiful description and one every human being can relate to. Of course, Suzuki Roshi used it to describe to his listeners a way in which their minds can perceive hints of enlightenment even though such a big concept cannot be directly understood by the intellect.

That said, this video is a live performance of Leeca, which to me, is an incredibly pretty song. This live version is not as delicate and graceful as the studio version, in my humble opinion, but is still beautiful and heartfelt.

New release!

Although the cover doesn’t show it, my story in this anthology is part of the White Tigers series. For those of you who hopefully have read the other books, you’re familiar with Basho and Timothy. Their story, entitled Yin Yang is in this book.

Just to toot my own horn, :grin: I received this praise for the story last night:
I finished you story! lol. I couldn’t wait to read anything before it. I’m going back to read the others now. But I just wanted you to know how much I loved it. Those two were just so incredibly… well… sweet. I was in tears when Basho was telling Ryu his story… and just how lonely he was… It was so sad… made it all that much better when they got back together. I thoroughly loved it!

Here’s a blurb and excerpt. I hope you like it. Sedonia

Fifteen years ago, Timothy Rush’s lover and soul mate, Basho Sakai, was murdered on a trip to Tokyo with his family. Timothy never stopped pining for the man who was his first and only love, comparing anyone else who came after him to Basho, the sensitive and handsome poet who stole his heart. Finally, still mourning and hopeless, Timothy travels from London to Tokyo to say a final good-bye. While there, he hopes to find some pleasure and some spiritual peace at the White Tiger, a gay men’s hotel in Tokyo that also offers the Taoist sexual path of the White Tiger. However, once there Timothy finds more than pleasure: he learns the true tragic story of what happened to his lover. And then…finds the missing half of his soul.

Basho lay on his futon in the dark, thinking of the first time Timothy had ever sucked his dragon. Golden-haired, blue-eyed Timothy, his velvety pink lips pouty and soft. The way they’d slid up and down his hard shaft. Perfection. Beauty. Before all the horrible shit had happened.

His hand went to his erection and stroked, base to head, following the memory of warm moist heat engulfing his cock, the press of Timothy’s large hands into his hips, anchoring him against the bobbing of his blond head…

Timothy had been the daring one, the first one to break the silence between them. They’d been mates since childhood, but that other part…the sexual desire, the raw need that simmered between them since their bodies had become men’s bodies…had been a forbidden topic. Until that night. Until Timothy cornered him in the alley behind the sushi restaurant Basho’s parents owned.

Basho was emptying the garbage and had just thrown some scraps to the alley cats after closing when he heard footsteps. At first he’d tensed, not knowing who it could be. His father had once gotten involved with some really bad people back in Tokyo and had made the asshole mistake of informing on them. Basho lived in fear they’d follow his family from Tokyo to London.

“Hey you.”

He’d breathed deep relief at Timothy’s voice and turned. A single bulb above the back door of the restaurant lit the alley way, made Timothy’s shaggy hair look like an angel’s halo. But when Timothy came up to him, the look in his eyes was not of an angel. The dark hungry glitter in them made Basho’s heart speed up.

“Hey yourself,” he muttered. “What’s going on?”

Tim drew closer. Close enough that his spicy aftershave invaded Basho’s senses, made him slightly dizzy. His body responded to Timothy’s muscular frame, outlined in his tight t-shirt, the way it always did, with heated blood and tightening deep in his balls, a sensual contraction which spread rapidly up his cock, making it push against his trousers.

“I’ve something to tell you, mate,” Timothy said softly. “I can’t wait any longer.” He took another step, bringing him nearly up against Basho’s chest. Leaning in, he pressed Basho back against the wall, face so close to Basho’s, Timothy’s breath fanned over his lips.

Basho’s mind swirled. His vision blurred and…kuso…the brush of Timothy’s chest against his made his nipples tighten, even through both their layers of clothing. The warm summer evening got much hotter. “What is it? Tell me.”

Timothy chuckled, but Basho heard the nervousness. They were both nearly twenty and he’d known the bloke for eleven years, knew just how Timothy was feeling from just one sound. And he knew well what Tim’s laugh sounded like when he was nervous. There were only a few sounds he’d not yet heard Timothy make…

Tim’s large hands cupped his shoulders, pressed him more snugly to the wall. “You’re daft, aren’t ya, Bosh?” He remained hovering close, lips a mere few centimetres away.

“I…I guess so.”

“Well, I already told you.” Tim’s posh accent rolled through Basho’s mind and trilled through his body like hundreds of tiny fingers massaging him. “I can’t wait any longer.”

Basho blinked. The words carried through the fog of his mind. All the blood had rushed down to his cock…he couldn’t…think. “That’s what you wanted to—“

Tim’s lips crushing on his ended the sentence. At first Basho had jumped, as if given an electric current, but Tim’s taller, broader form pressed him back, pinned him in surrender. The tip of the other man’s tongue pushed open his lips, demanded to go deep inside.

Basho parted his lips, accepting the velvety moist heat. He’d never kissed anyone before, man or woman and this was fucking incredible. Better than any saké or food.

Tim slid his tongue along Basho’s, danced against it while his body rubbed Basho’s in a slow heated rhythm. Tim’s cock was hard, like steel, against his. Even through their trousers, each grind sent licks of heat through Basho’s whole lower body. Blindly he reached around with both hands and grabbed Tim’s ass cheeks, pulling him as close as he could possible get. If he could have pulled Tim deep inside him forever he would have, to keep this incredible feeling, so it would never end.

Back on his futon, the memory took over and Basho could no longer tell the difference between the reality and his thoughts. His hand became Tim’s mouth, after Tim had pulled away from their kiss and yanked open Basho’s trousers.

“I’m gonna make you feel so good, Bosh,” he’d breathed and dropped to his knees. In the next second, Tim’s mouth had invaded his cock, pulled the plump head in with hot suction.

Available at Total-E-Bound

This explains it!

This zodiac reading could explain why I feel so opposed this year! Not to say that there is nothing good in my life. I have much to be grateful for. But at the same time, I feel sometimes like I am coming up against some invisible force that’s pushing back against me. Maybe this explains it!

Rooster Overview
In general, none of the Rooster’s traits appeal to, or are well tolerated by the Rat. After the Horse, the Rooster is the sign most likely to have a challenging year. There will, nevertheless, be a few opportunities. A cooperative attitude, and winning allies. are likely to be keys to your success. On the other hand, if you succumb to the Rooster propensity for arguing and quarrels, you could have a very difficult time. It is up to you to minimize the damage by displaying the right attitude.

Rooster Rating
37% (2 favorable, 1 neutral and 9 unfavorable months)

Rooster Career
Progress may be a little slow on the career front this year. Do not dismay when plans go astray and be especially careful not to over-react to your coworkers when they do. Take time to understand the roots of your problems and use your sharp mind, not your tongue, to resolve them. If you wish to be successful in a more challenging year, you will need the support of your co-workers and your superiors. This is definitely not a year to go it alone. Mental stimulation is high this year, so be sure to seek out training opportunities.

Rooster Relationships
The energies of the year are not as conducive to relationship success for you. The single Rooster needs to take care not to rush into anything new this year, as things may not always be quite what they seem. Your social life will be fun, although you must be careful not to do anything too crazy and get yourself caught up in a situation you do not want to be in. The Rooster in a relationship needs to take care and avoid missteps, as small problems have the potential to erupt into larger, uncontrollable ones this year.

Rooster Health
As it is not the best year for relationships, you must be particularly careful when the added stressed caused from relationship problems could be detrimental to your health. The best thing for you to do this year is stay active and use the physical activities to reduce the added stress levels you are experiencing. Remember, the mindset of the Rat can be particularly aggravating to a Rooster, so take care of yourself.

Rooster Wealth
If you have not already created a budget for the year, now is the time to do it. When you do, make sure to plan for the unexpected as heavy expense may occur and have you dipping into your hard earned savings. Take care when shopping and spending, as the temptation for something new could come back to bite you down the road.

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Awesome author Madelynne Ellis!

I’m so excited and honored to have Black Lace author (and fellow Gackt lover), Madelynne Ellis on my blog in an exclusive interview. Yay!

About Madelynne
Zodiac sign: Cancer, Water Ox
Favorite foods: Cheese, Chocolate, Olives
Music: Gackt and far too many other things to list.
Authors: Winston Graham, JRR Tolkien
Films: Labyrinth, Infernal Affairs, Ashura, Dangerous Liaisons

SG: Hi Madelynne. Thanks so much for being on my blog today.

ME: Hi Sedonia, and thanks for having me. I feel all honoured.

SG: I’ll start with the question all erotic romance authors are asked: What got you into writing this genre?

ME: Well, back in the mid-nineties a friend of mine found the Black Lace book I was reading and suggested that I have a go at writing one. I had no writing aspirations at the time, but it sounded like an interesting idea, so I sent off for their guidelines, and rather a long time later they published my first book – A Gentleman’s Wager. Now, I can’t imagine writing a book that doesn’t include sex in some form, both the act and the complex emotions that surround it are such a large part of who we are.

SG: This is the question I love to ask. Do you have certain guys who inspire the heroes in your books?

ME: I don’t particularly go looking for people who resemble my heroes, but occasionally I stumble upon someone who makes me go, ‘That’s .’ And then I will collect pictures of them. Jonathan Rhys Meyers with long hair always reminds me of Vaughan from A Gentleman’s Wager and Phantasmagoria, while this image (1) of Gackt is exactly how I imagine Takeshi in his wedding outfit in Dark Designs. Gackt in this guise was very definitely the starting point for Blaze in Broken Angel (in Possession). Actually, much of the story was inspired by his promo video for the song Vanilla.

blond Gackt

SG: As you know, I’m particularly fond of Takeshi from Dark Designs. Can you talk a bit more about the inspiration for this character as well as the story in general?

I’m not really sure why I decided to have a Japanese character in Dark Designs, other than it seemed appropriate to the setting. The book is about Remy Davies a gothic fashion designer with a yaoi fetish. I wanted to make Takeshi unashamedly geeky but in a cool, slightly aggressive way. A lot of the elements of his character (and those of the others) are references to comics, manga and anime, for example his silver-blue hair and bosozoku (biker gang) background. Really I suppose that book is populated with exaggerations of characters I’ve encountered through life. It was enormously fun to write.

Curiously, many of the video game, comic and music references I included, I expected to be asked to remove in the revisions phase. The fact that they made it to the published version makes me all kinds of happy.

SG: Readers may not know that you won Best Male-Male Sex Scene Scarlet Magazine, 2006 Erotic Fiction Awards for a scene between Takeshi and the other hero Silk. I did love that scene myself! Was writing m/m something that has just come naturally to you or has there been a process of discovering that this is a genre that you love writing in?

I think I’m just wired that way. From the outset, I’ve included m/m scenarios in my work, although until recently I’d never written anything longer than a short story that was entirely m/m focussed. I tend to veer towards the ménage a trois in longer works as it allows for loads of conflict. However, I’m currently finishing up a Regency set story about two men forced to spent a night together in a haunted folly and that’s entirely m/m. Hopefully, someone will love it enough to publish it.

SG: I know that you also enjoy writing historicals. What periods do you favor and why? I’m currently reading A Gentleman’s Wager and I’m impressed by how vividly you evoke the period. How much research do you need to do to achieve this?

My favourite era to write in is definitely Georgian England. There’s such a lot going on in the world, you have rigid social divisions, and most importantly fantastic clothes. I particularly love men’s costumes from that period, as they’re so lavish and pretty with their abundance of beads, buttons, ribbons and lace. The illusion of androgyny fascinates me. I love that the men look like butterflies, but are still sword-carrying alphas underneath it all. Oh, and of course the strength and beauty image feeds straight into my whole fascination with bisexuality.

As for how much research I do… Well, I have a broad idea of the time so I tend to just research specific details as required. I’ve made period costumes in the past, and being in England I have numerous castles and great houses virtually on my doorstep if I want a bit of inspiration. Obviously, there’s a lot to account for, but the most research heavy book I’ve written was actually Passion of Isis, which is a contemporary set on an archaeological dig in Egypt.

SG: What are you currently working on?

I’m still tidying up Pure Folly (mentioned above) and I’m busy outlining the next book in the A Gentleman’s Wager series. I’m keeping the title secret, but this book will wrap up Vaughan, Bella and Lucerne’s story. It takes place shortly after the conclusion of Phantasmagoria and will be very relationship based.

SG: What releases do we have to look forward to in the near future and could you please share a snippet of something for us?

No definite release date for anything in the future at the moment except for a short story, El Alquimista, in Love at First Bite.

This is a snippet from Phantasmagoria.

‘Let go!’ Bella fought against Vaughan’s hold, but remained trapped between the flexing steel of his warm body and the wall. Vaughan quashed her cries, forcing his tongue into her mouth and kissing her hard.

She melted.

Nobody else ever kissed her with the same knee-buckling intensity, with a taste that washed straight to her quaint. She’d never been able to resist his kiss. Never.

‘Get off me,’ she snarled, when he finally pulled back for air.

‘Not yet.’ He locked an arm across his chest, while his body still pressed against her as unyielding as pig iron, and with his free hand he lifted her hem.

Her arousal exposed, Bella turned her head away from his scalding breath. ‘I’m not your plaything. Not even your mistress.’

‘You’re my lover.’ His breath troubled the pulse point in her throat. ‘If not my mistress, what are you, some slattern that needed a bed for a night?

She snapped her teeth at him, but he merely laughed and pushed his fingers into her heat. His thumb worked bitter circles around her clitoris, driving her onto her toes, gasping for breath. Arousal so thick it felt like bellyache knotted her lower half. Slickly, his fingers worked their magic, driving her to the brink of joy, and transforming sharp words into sharper breaths.

She couldn’t speak. She felt his cock lying unbearably hard against her hip, so full of promise.

‘Sing for me, my nightingale. Come.’ He dragged his lips down the side of her neck and sucked. She couldn’t fight it. Shards of frosty hatred cracked into sparklers of delight. The swirl of his thumb, the twist of his fingers brought such sweet, swift pleasure, her limbs trembled.

Bella’s pulse raced with need and expectation. She managed to win one arm free, and immediately dug her fingers into his bottom. The muscles clenched and unclenched as he rocked against her thigh, taking his pleasure from the friction. The dance of their bodies slowed, as her breaths became shallow and ragged. Everything was concentrated in her clit and the tingle of her nipples. The whole world seemed to contract into one point as she gasped into his chest and her orgasm rendered her soft and pliant.

Bella snuggled against his shoulder, her eyes wet with tears, content for a moment to simply exist in his embrace.

‘Now you’re even.’ Vaughan disentangled their bodies, and stepped back. ‘Don’t ever presume to tell me whom I can bed in my own house.’

She felt the blood return to her face. Her eyes narrowed, but so did Vaughan’s. Was this battle of wills really what she wanted? She longed for Lucerne’s easy smile, the safety of his embrace.

Vaughan was the most exciting, sexually aggressive man she’d ever met. The most perverse, the most infuriating, and it hurt to love him.

God, how it hurt!

Thank you, Madelynne!

Visit Madelynne’s website.

Who would have thought?

My artist needed an image from me of Taro Suzuki, the bad guy in my White Tigers series. Well, I found him and he couldn’t be a more perfect likeness.
However, along with the photo, came an article of something you wouldn’t think of is happening.

Here’s a snippet:

Homeless yakuza terrorize Tokyo parks
…Japanese who associate the yakuza with wealth, even if it is the result of ill-gotten gains, the idea of a gangster living on the streets is close to unthinkable. But the number of homeless yakuza inhabiting parks and living under bridges is apparently skyrocketing, especially in central Tokyo….”There are two tent villages in the park where I live, each of which is controlled by a different homeless yakuza…When it comes to the flower-viewing season (in early spring), they have these huge battles over who’s going to have the right to get paid by people to save a space for their company parties. The brawls they have are like the fight scenes in the old yakuza movies.”…

Yay! Next White Tigers book is out!

I always get so excited over the release of one of these books. I hope you’ll want to read it. Of all my stories, the White Tigers books are the nearest and dearest to my heart. They are a synthesis of all the influences on my life, expressed in a unique way.

Men of Tokyo: Sudden Surrender
Publisher: Total-e-Bound
ISBN eBook: 978-1-906590-87-1
Genre: GLBT; Contemporary
Series: White Tigers
Release Date: August 4, 2008

Order eBook from Total-E-Bound

In desperation for his life, Yuzo Kitano escapes the sadistic clutches of Taro Suzuki, one of Tokyo’s fiercest yakuza, and seeks refuge with Suzuki’s arch-rival, Kikuchiya Fujimara, owner of the White Tiger, a luxurious love-hotel for gay men which also serves as a spiritual community for its inhabitants. From early meetings with the handsome, charismatic leader who trains men in the sexual Tao, Yuzo senses deep inside he’s found someone he can trust and who will keep him safe. What he doesn’t expect is the absolute sensual bliss he finds with Kikuchiya’s skilled lovemaking and realizes he’s found what he’s really wanted his whole life. But does Kiku want him in return?

At first, Kiku sees only Yuzo’s alluring beauty and desperate need for protection. But the headstrong impulsive Yuzo is also the first man Kiku has ever met whose touch is healing and calming for him, rather than a distressing channel for his psychic abilities, and the more he makes love to Yuzo, the more Kiku is in danger of losing his heart to another for the first time in his life.

However, Kiku also knows that when Suzuki finds out where his slave has gone, there will be hell to pay. Kiku has already made one harrowing sacrifice to the yakuza in return for his freedom and might not survive a second…


If I don’t get the hell away from him, he’ll kill me. The thought shuddered through Yuzo’s mind like a mantra. His justification for leaving…no, escaping, this gilded cage he’d willingly gotten locked into.

Yuzo’s hands shook as he hunched over his bathroom vanity, using the wooden handle of his hairbrush to grind up the sleeping pills he’d filched from Taro’s medicine cabinet last night. How he’d managed to pull that theft off was only a testament to his terror and desperation.

Yuzo took the saké cup and brush and climbed into the shower, crouching over his work to try and muffle the scrape scrape of the hairbrush handle against the porcelain. Yeah, he had this tiny bedroom and bathroom all to himself, for what good it did. Sound carried, even in a luxury flat like this one. Worse, Taro’s armed goons were always stationed right outside the door, because, as Taro liked to say with that greasy smile on his square face,

“No one will steal my little prince.”

Some prince. Huddled in a dry bathtub, naked except for a pair of boxer-briefs, desperately grinding sleeping pills into powder so he could drug his sadistic sugar-daddy and escape. The damn tablets were stubbornly refusing to break into anything smaller than granules which Suzuki would no doubt see floating in his saké.

Sweat poured from Yuzo’s skin but he kept grinding. Whether he deserved his freedom or not at this point had stopped being an issue within his conscience. Survival had won out. That and his wish to bring Uncle Tokuma no more grief and shame than he already had.

Then he heard his bedroom door open. “Yuzo-chan!”

Yuzo gasped and froze. Taro! Shit! He scrambled out of the tub, stuck the cup in the vanity cabinet and stood in front of the mirror. “In here,” he called and ran the brush through his hair, forcing his breath to calm down. One fuck-up and Taro would kill him.

But not before torturing him some more in the name of sexual pleasure.

“What is this?” Taro Suzuki’s stocky frame filled the doorway. His mere presence sent prickles of icy heat down Yuzo’s spine. “You don’t come out to greet me?” The older man’s shirt hung open and the oni tattooed on his barrel chest and thick stomach glared out at Yuzo, the colourful demons’ eyes bugging, their large teeth bared with foreboding, even in the reflection of the vanity mirror.

Yuzo pasted on the smile that usually appeased Taro and feigned the urgency of brushing his hair. “I wasn’t presentable yet.”

Suzuki stepped forward, his eyes locked with Yuzo’s in their reflections. It was then Yuzo saw the saké bottle dangling from Taro’s hand. The older man plunked the bottle onto the vanity and insinuated the front of his body against Yuzo’s back. One arm snaked around Yuzo’s front, hand splayed across his stomach.

Yuzo set the brush down and schooled his features to appear like he enjoyed the attention. Heart pounding, he tilted his head back against Suzuki’s thick chest while he strained to remember the White Tiger practices he’d studied on the sly from the pamphlet he’d managed to filch from the hotel during their last visit there. Another feat of desperation.

Breathing steadily, he focused his qi, his life force, so that it would strengthen him mentally and physically. Of course, there was more, like the sexual channelling of yang force to clear the mind and revive the spirit. But you needed a partner for that bit and as Yuzo had grievously learned these past few months, Taro Suzuki was the last guy in the world anyone should expose his genitals to. The yak would rather squeeze the life out of a cock than make it feel enlivened.

What little Yuzo had been able to learn of the Taoist meditative practices served him well. His mind and body remained clear and calm enough to continue his plan and not let the other man’s behaviour sway his resolve as it had the other times he’d started to escape. Suzuki seemed tender and affectionate in moments like this, but the pain would soon follow. It always did.

“That’s better, Yuzo-chan.” Suzuki’s saké-infused breath whispered across the back of Yuzo’s neck. “For a moment there, I thought you were afraid of me.” The man’s fingertips brushed over the bruises on Yuzo’s throat. “You know that was only for fun.” He followed the statement with a kiss on the nape of Yuzo’s neck. Yuzo pulled in another slow, calming breath and closed his eyes. Yeah, near strangulation while Suzuki screws me. Lots of fun. “I know,” he managed to whisper. Everything Suzuki said was like some kind of twisted test of Yuzo’s loyalty.

Suzuki’s fingertips on Yuzo’s jaw tilted his face up and then sharp teeth scraped his earlobe. Yuzo suppressed a yelp while tears threatened to fill his eyes, as much from the hurt as from frustration. Why did everything have to include pain with this bastard? For the millionth time, he regretted letting himself be seduced by a yakuza with Suzuki’s reputation. All the other workers in the host club had warned him off Taro Suzuki and of course, he hadn’t listened.

What he wouldn’t give now to still be hosting in that place and coming home to that ratty futon he slept on with Mojo in the flop they rented with the other guys. Yuzo had once dreamed of getting out of there, of finding a rich sugar-daddy like Suzuki and living as he was here in this luxury apartment. Now, Mojo and the ratty futon looked like paradise. Mojo was an urchin, but he’d been crazy about Yuzo. Had done everything for him. Without physical and psychological torture.

Taro bit his earlobe again and straightened, looking into the mirror. Yuzo breathed past the pain and watched the yak’s eyes study his reflection. In the next moment, Yuzo sensed the darkening shift of energy in the man’s stocky form. His blood chilled. Taro Suzuki was crazy but he wasn’t stupid.

“You seem different tonight.” The statement was full of Suzuki’s usual suspicion.

Kuso. An invisible part of Yuzo felt suspended over a pit of hungry vipers. He considered every word and move. Manipulation would go only so far with Taro.

But before he could respond, Taro shrugged. “I keep forgetting what a lightweight you really are.” He chuckled and reached over, retrieving the bottle of saké off the vanity and unscrewing the cap. “Another day or two and you’ll be begging me to choke you again.”

Relief prickled down Yuzo’s arms. If Taro thought his upset was only about the strangulation, so much the better. He shifted to the side, giving the older man space to drink from his bottle, but then found the glass opening being pressed to his own lips. The acrid scent of fermented rice assaulted his nostrils.

“Drink,” Suzuki said, the command clear in his tone, “a couple of nice big sips.”

Yuzo’s relief evaporated. Wordlessly he took the bottle and tilted it back, letting a generous amount of saké fill his mouth. Hoping the stuff would numb his renewed terror, he swallowed. The saké burned in his veins and caused a numbing tingle to cascade through his limbs and brain. He surrendered to the feeling, knowing that as Suzuki took the bottle away and gathered Yuzo’s arms behind his back into a lock, he was going to need it. “Chibe!” Taro called to one of his goons. “Now!”

Great Reviews for Manwich!

A positive review is always a nice little pick-me-up. This one is from Romance Junkies. 4.5 Blue Ribbons out of 5! Yay!

Sedonia Guillone’s MANWICH is a heart-touching tale about three people who have been hurt in the past and lack self confidence. They each fulfill a need within each other that goes far beyond just sexual gratification. The love and trust between Kayla, Shawn, and Ryan can easily be felt, making their relationship beautiful while encompassing many of the fantasies the readers may have about threesomes. Ms. Guillone does an amazing job bringing out the emotional aspect of her characters. Situations that could have been strictly sexual, become emotionally stimulating and will leave readers sighing. If you enjoyed Ms. Guillone’s LADY OF TWO LAIRDS, you’ll love this story as well.

AND – 5 Angels from Fallen Angel Reviews!

Holy scorching hotness! The passion on these pages fairly leaps around in the air and if you think the sex between Shawn and Kayla is steamy, just wait – it gets even better. It’s great to see an author create characters that readers can identify with and relate to, and Sedona Guillone has done just that in Manwich; her characters are authentic and fully fleshed out without being overdone or trite. The dilemma facing Kayla is to break out of the shell she’s made of her life and try something new, something wild, and she certainly achieves her goal. I’m not going to spoil these delectable surprises; you’ll just have to read all about it for yourself. I assure you that you’ll feel rewarded at the poignance and healing that this oftentimes surprising and funny plot puts forth, even as you’re aroused beyond imagining at the sultry scenes. Manwich is a delightful feast for the senses, and you’ll truly love this too-hot-to-handle tale!