Cool review and a new hot cover!

No, the picture of Jet Li is not the cover. I just love Jet Li and wanted to post a picture of him, lol. The career of an erotic romance writer requires much waiting at times. We can never have things happen just when we want them to. You have to wait for editors to get back to you, cover artists, etc. And then, once a book is edited and is put on the queue for release, you have to wait for release day. And then you have to wait for the reviews to trickle in. Patience is an important quality! lol So when one of these things happen, you get a feeling for a little while that this is actually happening. Such as the cover below for Secrets vol. 25, the Red Sage anthology my novella, “Enter the Hero” is in. Yay! I’m so excited and I think it’s really hot!
And then yesterday, I also got another awesome review for Men of Tokyo: Sudden Bliss from Novel Talk. I’ll just share with you the juicy bit:

Sedonia Guillone has written a beautiful love story. She does a wonderful job of bringing her characters to life and endearing them to the reader. Koji’s life is built upon his work, and he thinks that he is nothing without it. He never thinks of his own needs. Naoto has a troubled past where he blames himself for the death of his partner. The White Tiger offers Naoto a sanctuary where he can help others who are in need. Koji and Naoto’s relationship blossoms slowly, but there are many obstacles to overcome before they can think of happy ever after. SUDDEN BLISS is an excellent example of true romance. Now that I have had my first taste of Ms. Guillone’s writing, I am ready for my second and third helpings.

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Also recently watched: Foyle’s War on Masterpiece Mystery. My favorite detective series!
Thank you!! Hugs, Sedonia


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One thought on “Cool review and a new hot cover!

  1. I love Jet Li as well, can’t wait to see him in the Mummy 3. Woo Hoo.

    Congrats on the great review, and the awesome cover. :grin:

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