Did I tell you…

I finally solved my dilemma over Kizuna: Bonds of Love, my absolute favorite yaoi manga in the world. (It’s one of the only ones I’ve read yet I love Kazuma Kodaka’s style so much and the storyline is just so engaging.)

Well, I reached volume 6 and couldn’t get a copy without selling my first-born because of all the copyright problems between the Japanese and English publishers. Although many people are gracious enough to scan in pages of the manga as well as tranlsating them (such kind people, bless them!), I really need time away from the computer when I read because I spend so much time writing at the computer. So, I finally found volume 6, 9 and 10 at a manga shop in France! Good thing I majored in French in college and actually have a partial Masters in French. So, I purchased the copies and had them sent to my critique partner who lives in Amsterdam. However, she also has a home in Maine down the road from me and we’re getting together this summer so she’s going to bring me the French copies. I am so excited and it only took me 7 month to figure out how to get them. lol


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One thought on “Did I tell you…

  1. It’s easier to get mangas in french than english. Half of my collection is in french. And usually they come out in french before coming out in english. Kazuna is a great yaoi. Another one you might like is Fake. There are 7 vol total,(english and french I believe) and its about two cops :) the artist is Sanami Matoh.

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