Awesome Review!!

I was thrilled to receive this review. I love this book so much myself I’m really happy to see that it comes through.

From Romance Junkies:
MEN OF TOKYO: SUDDEN BLISS by Sedonia Guillone is a beautiful and intricately written romance that reminded me yet again why I love this author so much. Naoto and Koji are extremely well developed and endearing characters. By the end of the novel I came to care about them a great deal. The author takes her time allowing the reader to get to know the heroes feelings and motivations. Their relationship develops at a slow but sensual pace both physically and emotionally. I thoroughly enjoyed every word of this novel and I eagerly await the next installment in this wonderful series

Happy Birthday, Jet Li!

I wish I could tell him Happy Birthday in person, but I can’t, so here it is. lol. It also happens to be my birthday too. (39, oh my gosh!) I’ve always thought it was so cool having the same birthday as Jet Li. Saw The Forbidden Kingdom yesterday. Jet Li and Jackie Chan together – that was great. Wonderful fight scenes, some humor and beautiful cinematography. The film itself is corny as all get out but I really enjoyed it because of those two. I liked seeing Jet Li as the Monkey King. Still cute!

Now available

This was released a few days ago, Yay! My site just hasn’t been updated to show it’s availability. I have two stories in this one, “The Delightfully Wicked Punishment of Takashi Yamashita” and “Master of Ecstasy,” both kinky stories involving hot samurai.

The story of my role in this collection – the editor Eric Summers, sent out a submission call because he wasn’t getting enough submissions. I wrote to him saying I wouldn’t be able to write for this one because I don’t know anything about the military or about the dom/sub culture. He had an expert in both reading the submissions to see if they passed muster. Eric told me to do some research and do my best. I couldn’t refuse the challenge. lol.

Anyway, after doing some research, I still felt I wouldn’t be able to pull it off. So I thought to myself, what kind of subject matter would draw my heart to write about in this arena? The answer was simple: the only military guys I had any knowledge of was samurai. Well, there’s a lot of manlove in the samurai culture so I knew I’d have some juicy stuff to write. As soon as I settled that, the storylines basically flew into my head and I wrote both stories within a week! I hope those out there who read them will enjoy! Hugs, Sedonia

p.s. There are excerpts in the Gayrotica Coming soon page of my books section and here is the Amazon link.

p.p.s. The individual stories will be available in the near future from Torquere Press for those who prefer smaller, e-book documents.

Another woo-hoo! and such…

I forgot – another wonderful review and Recommended Read for our anthology. I say “our” because it’s me, Laura Baumbach and Kit Tunstall, two outstanding erotic romance authors. I’ve read a couple other of Laura’s books and she truly is a gifted writer who writes with great intensity. Her erotic scenes leave me breathless and the emotional connections between the heroes practically sizzle on the page. I’m not exaggerating!

Of course, I must show off the review snippet for my story in this collection:
Ms. Guillone has written a fast paced, well plotted book that pulled me into the story from the every first and had me racing to the end. I didn’t want to put this one down. I loved the twist of her vampire only feeding for mercy, and putting him into the profession of a physician was nothing short of pure genesis. The depth of feeling between these two men took my breath away and their passion had the pages going up in flames. This gem of Christmas tale is a definite keeper.

Going to print!!

More awesome news. My publisher at Total-E-Bound told me yesterday that BOTH Men of Phuket: Tongue-Thai’d and Men of Tokyo: Sudden Bliss are going into print! Yay! They should be out the end of April, beginning of May. I’ll keep you posted.