Awesome review!!

I was so excited to get this review yesterday!
Men of Tokyo: Sudden Bliss was phenomenal. The story glided effortlessly from between the story and the sex. The emotional obstacles Koji and Naoto faced would have had lesser men throwing in the towel and giving up on love, life, and happiness. Koji was the typical Japanese Salaryman; working long hours, not taking vacations, and thinking that their work was so important that no one else could do it if they were unavailable. Naoto could not escape the nightmare of his lover’s murder. The need for revenge was only staunched by his respect for his mentor. I loved Naoto because he was the alpha-male and protector of those he loved. As a reader, you could feel the anger Naoto felt when he noticed the scars on Koji. Men of Tokyo: Sudden Bliss is part of Ms. Guillone’s new White Tiger Series. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and I look forward to reading the next book in the series.

More Ryu and Nat…

I’m just addicted to my White Tigers! I had to put aside Fantasy Thief for a bit because a sequel to Men of Phuket: Tongue-Thai’d was yelling at me to be written. My webmistress will be putting up the sneak peek I sent her for posting, so I hope you’ll check back and take a look in the near future. The new title is Thai-ing the Knot, just to give the title a visible link to its predecessor. There will be a couple of surprises inside as to plot, only adding to the whole yakuza intrigue. :grin:

In other news, I finished the series Samurai Girl. I loved it! Six books in all, but I made the mistake of going onto a forum where some thoughtless girl had posted a MAJOR spoiler! Of course, I read it anyway and completely understood the situation in the story differently from how people were discussing it. I don’t want to spoil it for anyone who might read the series so I won’t go into details. But the other thing was, people were complaning about how the series ended on a worse hook that the previous books. When I read it, however, I found the ending completely satisfying.
It does leave the possibility open for more while at the same time, leaving it satisfying in case the author decides not to write further. Of course, yours truly made the mistake of writing to the publisher and offering to ghost write some more of the series if the author couldn’t do it. I should have read the last book first before saying anything! I need to learn patience! With three, no, FOUR works-in-progress of my own, I really have a full plate right now. In any case, I totally recommend Samurai Girl for a cool series with lots of martial arts action and some romance.

Major Squee!!!!

This week I sent two synopses into an editor at Kensington and he requested both full manuscripts! I am so excited…but not too excited yet. I won’t know for another 3-4 months whether he wants one or both for the Kensington Aphrodisia line. I will DEFINITELY keep you posted! :eek: