Just finished…

Just finished reading this latest by Jade Lee and it was AWESOME! Jade writes the most incredibly hot love scenes and

the men in her books just make me melt.

There was a blurb of the story in Jade’s interview earlier but I’ll give a quick re-cap – Tracy Williams is busy maintaining her rental property and raising her teenage brother while maintaining a passionate crush on one of her tenants, Nathan, a sexy guy from Beijing. When Tracy discovers Nathan is giving strange sex classes from his apartment, Tracy is freaked that he’s doing something illegal that will make her unable to sell the property, so she investigates. Needless to say, she ends up becoming his star student! However, they start falling in love – the forbidden emotion of the Tigresses’ path and Nathan is obligated to bring Tracy to Hong Kong to train with a master Dragon. What happens next? You must read the book to find out. And I hope you will because it is HOT! Read an excerpt in the JAde LEe interview on this blog where there’s also a link to buy.

Meanwhile, I’m away in Georgia right now, unable to get to my mail where I’m eagerly awaiting the next Samurai Girl as well as Kazuma Kodaka’s yaoi graphic novel A Tale of Samurai Love. I’m just hooked on her stuff.

I’m also really excited because I just finished final line edits (FLEs) for Men of Tokyo: Sudden Bliss and I’m sooo thrilled with how it turned out. I really hope people like it. It’s not a fast-paced adventure story like Men of Phuket: Tongue-Thai’d but more of an erotic, sensuous unfolding of a passionate love between Naoto and Koji. If you’ve read Beautiful Samurai, White Tiger then you’ve read about Naoto and Koji’s “live demonstration” they do for Toshi and John, which is a long, highly erotic scene of yummy voyeuristic manlove. And so, I wanted to tell the story of how Naoto and Koji got together. They are two of my favorite characters I’ve created and I hope you’ll want to read about them.


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