Behind the Book: A Man for Michael

Hi All – This is a feature I plan to do regularly on my blog where I go behind the scenes of one of my books and talk about the inspirations that shaped that book. Of course, I welcome comments and questions! Today is A Man for Michael.Some readers and reviewers have made the observation that A Man for Michael makes them think of Jet Li’s film “Unleashed” (known in Europe and worldwide as “Danny the Dog”). Well, that’s because my book was truly inspired by it! I loved “Unleashed” and it made an impression on me, not only because to me Jet Li is one of the most adorable people ever. but because of the whole theme of freedom and how Danny went from an environment of being used to a place where he was loved. I guess you could say that this is a fan fiction tribute to Jet Li and to this movie, done Sedonia style because whenever I begin to conceive a story, it always ends up as an erotic romance!


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