July 1, 2010: Fantasy Thief

Fantasy ThiefPublisher: Red Sage
ISBN 978-1603104999
Release Date: July 1, 2010

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Oh no! Someone has stolen Lynn’s diary right out of her purse on her desk when she wasn’t looking. The worst part is, in this diary she’s written down her kinkiest fantasies and desires. She’s so mortified she could just die. Until…

A masked stranger appears out of nowhere, promising to fulfill every sexual fantasy she’s ever had. Suddenly, having her journal stolen is turning out not to be such a tragedy. However, if she finds out who her gorgeous, sensuous, fantasy-fulfilling mystery man really is, will she feel betrayed or forgive him just enough to fall in love?

Bad boy turned stockbroker, Takeshi, has harbored a secret lust on his assistant for a while now. To him, she’s the perfect woman- sexy and sweet. However, her man-picker is broken and the dud she’d been engaged to broke her heart. She doesn’t seem interested at all in getting involved again. Breaking his vow to be a good boy, he steals her diary right out of her purse when she’s not looking and what he finds inside gives him the perfect idea to seduce her.

The plan is perfect, until the unexpected happens – he falls madly in love with her. Now he’s faced with a dilemma: reveal himself to Lynn and risk her hating him or try to win her over out in the open. And then, what if she’s in love with the masked stranger and not with him? Whatever happens, he’s risking everything to have what’s in his heart…


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